Historic Suburb and Development: Brooklyn originated as a residential suburb with a notable population of 1,000 and several hundred homes and mansions. Over time, it transformed significantly, with the 20th century seeing an increase in commercial and industrial activities. This evolution is marked by notable infrastructure such as the Fuller Warren Bridge and the integration of the area into Jacksonville’s central business district. The mix of old residential buildings and modern commercial skyscrapers reflects the neighborhood’s dynamic history and could be symbolized in an icon representing the past and present​​. Brooklyn Station and Unity Plaza: In the 21st century, Brooklyn has seen significant developments, including Brooklyn Station and Unity Plaza. These areas have become central to the neighborhood’s identity, offering a mix of restaurants, shopping, and community space. They symbolize the neighborhood’s growth and modernization, making them potential elements for an iconic representation​​. Northbank Riverwalk and Corkscrew Park: The Northbank Riverwalk is a prominent feature in Brooklyn, providing a space for residents and visitors to enjoy the riverfront. Adjacent to it is Corkscrew Park, a modern addition with exercise facilities. These areas not only offer recreational opportunities but also symbolize the community’s connection to the river and its focus on active, urban living​​. An icon for Brooklyn, Jacksonville, could integrate elements like the St. Johns River, a mix of historic and modern building silhouettes, and symbols of community spaces like Brooklyn Station, Unity Plaza, or the Northbank Riverwalk. Such an icon would reflect the neighborhood’s heritage, its dynamic nature, and the vitality of its community, resonating well with locals and visitors alike.

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